Financials — Expenses and Revenue

An Achievable Dream strives to keep our administrative and overhead costs as low as possible while adhering to our core value of organizational integrity.

For the 2020–2021 year, our administrative costs across all of our entities were approximately 17% and the fundraising costs were approximately 12%.

Expenses — $4,339,639

AAD Programs in 2020–2021

Core Program & Team
Includes AAD teachers and leadership, curriculum, transportation, awards, and other core program costs.

Additional Academic Hour
Includes 2 additional hours per day, Saturday school, summer intersession.

Includes multiple uniform pieces for each student in grades K–8.

Wrap-Around Family Services
Includes all services to support the whole child and provide family support as needed such as food, emergency fund, clinic support, and more.

Field Trips & Clubs
Includes costs, such as transportation, associated with providing exposure and opportunities for AAD students to learn and grow outside the classroom.

College & Career Prep
Includes extensive support from early grades to college and career programming and support.

Includes all technology costs including computers, technology teachers, smartboards, and more.


An Achievable Dream generated revenue to support annual operating costs through our annual fund donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations; state and city funding; events; and funding through endowments. Other sources of funding for the year included Paycheck Protection Program loans and funding from our emergency food and supply campaign.