The Dream is Growing!

As our full K-12 program continues strong in Newport News, we are continuing to expand and grow the program in Virginia Beach and Henrico County, Virginia!

Virginia Beach Expansion to High School

An Achievable Dream’s middle school students in Virginia Beach attend An Achievable Dream Middle School Program at Lynnhaven Middle School. In partnership with Virginia Beach City Public Schools, an expansion is being constructed adjacent to Lynnhaven Middle School that will be permanently known as An Achievable Dream Middle and High School at Lynnhaven. The first class of Dreamers in Virginia Beach will graduate in 2025!


Henrico Expansion to Middle School

In April 2020, it was announced that the An Achievable Dream Certified Academy (AADCA) at Highland Springs rising sixth graders would be housed at Fairfield Middle School for one year, while a permanent building is prepared for the AADCA Middle and High School in Henrico County. We are excited to continue growing our program in Henrico through middle and high school!

Looking Ahead

Messages from Our Leadership

Lee Vreeland
President & CEO

Beginning a new school year is always an important and special time of year at the Dream, and this year, we are celebrating more than ever before! From joint kickoff parties for our staff, back to school bashes with our communities, and other celebrations, we are ushering in the new school year the way we always do at the Dream: with enthusiasm and excitement. We are excited for the year ahead, thrilled to welcome back our amazing and energetic educators, and overjoyed to welcome our Dreamers back to our schools. On top of this, our organization continues to expand and grow, from the launch of our education product, Achieve SAME Pro (available for purchase by other schools and districts), to expanding to middle school in Henrico and high school in Virginia Beach. We continue to focus on growth with excellence, blending best practices learned during the pandemic with our traditional practices to come back stronger and better than ever. I am most looking forward to doing what we do best: educating and equipping our students for the future and for success. Let’s do this!

Pervis O. Blake
Vice President of Academics

As we look ahead to the upcoming year at all of our campuses, one word comes to my mind: ready. We are excited, we are prepared, and we are ready to usher in the next season of An Achievable Dream. During the 2021–2022 school year, we will be welcoming new Dreamers to the program, expanding to encompass 9th grade in Virginia Beach and 6th grade in Henrico, maintaining our 100% on-time graduation rate, and ensuring every single student has what they need to be successful, and every family feels supported, valued, and loved. The Dream is growing, and we know we have work to do. We could not be more ready for what the future has in store.

Sabrina Richardson
Executive Director

“‘Excitement is a mixture of enthusiasm, motivation, intuition and a hint of creativity.’

Excited isn’t enough to describe how thrilled we are to welcome all of our Dreamers back for the 2021–2022 school year. The focus now is to get all of our Dreamers acclimated to being back face to face.

The addition of sixth graders has expanded our An Achievable Dream Certified Academy family in Henrico and we couldn’t be happier! This group will be our first graduating class in Henrico and they are bringing along four years of experiences as Dreamers as they continue to embrace the amazing opportunities headed their way for years to come. AADCA Class of 2028 is now loading!
With all of our students, we are ready to do what’s necessary to ensure they are adjusting socially, academically, and morally into the environment they left behind in 2020. Things are certainly different, but we are willing to do what it takes to ensure all of our students and staff members are excited and motivated to embark on this awesome adventure!”

Chris Middleton
Senior Director of Virginia Beach

“Excitement is BUZZING in Virginia Beach! As we are coming back to school, students and staff in Virginia Beach are looking forward to the continued growth of the program into 9th grade, continuing to cultivate relationships, and growing new partnerships! We are ready to welcome the community back to our Virginia Beach campuses to show our Dreamers the support they have from the community. We are welcoming more than 50 new Dreamers through our recruitment efforts, and when they were asked if they were excited to be Dreamers, each one emphatically agreed with a wide smile! Staff members are excited to work with seasoned and new Dreamers alike as they are ready to get to the business of building relationships and preparing them for life.”

Judy Overbey
Senior Director of Newport News

“Excitement is in the air- literally! Coming off of a successful virtual Intersession filled with field trips and exciting elective courses such as American Sign Language, International Travel and Impact 2021, our students jump-started the school year building meaningful relationships with peers and teachers alike. We are MORE than excited to get back to face-to-face learning, stimulating our Dreamers’ minds with social rotation courses, athletics, growth opportunities through clubs and mentorships and of course our signature What it Takes program at the middle and high school level. We are looking forward to taking what we learned during the pandemic and building even more meaningful relationships with our families and the community!”